The Lord is Near

passionate prayer

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The Lord is near to the brokenhearted,
and saves the crushed in spirit.    ~Psalm 34:18



Canadians were stunned and heartbroken yesterday to hear of the senseless violence and unfolding tragedy in Nova Scotia. A gunman claimed the lives of 18 people in several small communities. It is difficult to understand how this can happen or why it did happen.  We are utterly heartbroken at a time when we are already battling to keep one another safe and lower the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus. The unknowns with which we live, the grief, loss, change, all seem to add up and some days are harder than others.  Today might be one of those days.

It is normal in a time of pandemic to feel a whole myriad of emotions. Sometimes gratitude washes over as many of us are safe at home. And many enjoying this time with their family. Sometimes, there is anxiety about the great unknown of the weeks and months ahead. And some days, it is heart-break as we hear of the death of a loved one, friend, or even strangers thousands of miles away. There is not one right way to walk through this time. Instead, we feel all the feels. We can look at our feelings, acknowledge them, and ask ourselves what we need in this moment. Maybe it’s quiet. Maybe it’s listening to our favourite music. Maybe we need to call a friend or pray. There is no right way to walk through what we feel in this time. All we can do is honour those feelings, do what we can each day, be gentle with ourselves, and know that God is near, holding our hand or carrying us through it all.


God of resurrection, we thank You for being with us as we feel all our feelings through this time of pandemic, through this time of shock and grief at the many losses and changes, and in particular as we hear about the shootings in Nova Scotia. Draw near to all who grieve and mourn. Be with those going through unbearable shock and loss, so that all may feel Your perfect love, Your presence, Your comfort, and Your peace.  For we ask it in Jesus’ name. Amen.






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